Application Process                                                                                                                                     Henry Ford Academy encourages students who will be entering the 9th grade in the upcoming school year, and who are Wayne County residents, to submit an ONLINE ENROLLMENT APPLICATION to attend. Applications will be accepted from Saturday, October 15, 2016 through 5 p.m. Wednesday, March 15, 2017. In the event more applications are received than there are seats available, a state required lottery will be held. Applications received after the application period will NOT be included in the lottery process. 

To add a name to the 9th Grade wait list, please complete the 9TH GRADE WAIT LIST APPLICATION. Names are added to the wait list int he order they are received.

To add a name to the 10th - 12th wait list, please complete the 10TH - 12TH GRADE WAIT LIST APPLICATION. Names are added to the wait list in the order they are received. 

Middle School Parents/Guardians, if you would like to receive an email reminder when it's time for your 6th and/or 7th grade student(s) to apply to HFA, please add your student to the IT'S TIME TO APPLY EMAIL LIST

Please refer to the list of frequently asked questions below for more information on the application process at HFA.

I clicked on the link above, but I can't open the online application link. Why?                                                         Applications are only available during the enrollment period, October 15, 2016 through 5 p.m., March 15, 2017.

May I tour HFA before I submit an application?               Yes! HFA hosts an Open House for interested students and their parents on the following dates:

Wednesday, December 7, 2016   4:30 pm - 6:30 pm               Monday, January 16, 2017   10 am - 2 pm                                Sunday,  February 12, 2017   1 pm - 3 pm.  

I have a sibling also entering the 9th grade. Do we both need to fill out an application?                                           Yes. All students interested in attending HFA in the 9th grade must fill out an application.

How do I know if my application has been received?           If an online application is submitted with a valid email address, applicants will receive an email confirmation. If a paper application is submitted or if an online application is submitted without a valid email address, applicants will receive a postcard stating their application has been received.

What happens to my application after I submit it?             All applications received by the deadline are submitted to the public accounting firm of Plante & Moran, PLLC, where the applications are assigned a random lottery number.

How many 9th grade students do you accept each year?Each year Henry Ford Academy enrolls 140 students into the 9th grade class. 

What are my chances of attending HFA if my lottery number is higher than 140?                                         Applicants with lottery numbers 1 through 160 are accepted into the 9th grade class and will receive an Admissions Packet. Lottery numbers 161 through 210 are placed on a short term wait list and have an excellent chance of being accepted. Lottery numbers 210 and above are placed on a long term wait list. Many applicants who are on the long term wait list will be contacted and informed within the first week of school that there is a seat available for them.

I have been offered a seat in the 9th grade class and I have an older sibling who would like to attend HFA with me. Is that possible?                                                                   Yes. The charter school law states that a sibling of a student that is enrolled under the lottery system is given preferential treatment and is also accepted.

My sibling, who also submitted an application, has a lottery number between 1 and 160. My lottery number is above 211. What happens now?                                     Based on the sibling rule referred to above, a sibling is automatically accepted when another sibling is accepted. Therefore, the lottery number between 1 and 160 will allow both siblings to be accepted to the Academy.

My name has been placed on the wait list. How will I be notified a seat becomes available?                                     As seats become available, phone calls are placed to the applicant with the lowest lottery number on the wait list.

I declined my seat, but now I want to attend. Is my lottery number still valid?                                                               No. Once an admitted student declines their seat, their lottery number becomes void. They may however, request their name be placed at the end of the long term wait list.

Do you accept transferring students in grades 10-12?     Yes. Each year there are a few seats available for 10-12 grades. Call 313.982.6200 for more information. 

Still have questions?                                                           Call 313.982.6200 for additional information.