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Financial Aid and Scholarships

The thought of paying for college can be overwhelming. While there are different types of financial aid to assist with the cost of college, it's important to understand each type of aid, how to find the aid, and how to apply for each type of aid.

 is responsible for managing the student financial assistance programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. These programs provide loans, work-study funds, and grants to students attending college or career school.

All students applying to college should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). There is NO COST to apply for Federal Student Aid. 


  • Borrowed funds. Must be repaid with interest
  • Federal Student Loans are provided by the federal government. These loans usually have a lower interest rate and more flexible repayment options.
  • Private loans are provided by a bank or credit union. These loans usually have a higher interest rate and require payments while still in college.
Detailed information on Student Loans can be found in the Student Loan Guide. 

For more information on Federal Student Loans visit

For more information on the difference between Federal Student Loans and Private Student Loans visit

  • Provides students, with financial need, part-time jobs.
  • Available to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Available to full-time and part-time students.
  • Can not exceed your assigned number of work hours.
For more information on the Federal Work-Study program visit

  • Usually need-based.
  • Provided by the federal government, state government, college or a private or nonprofit organization.
  • Do not need to be repaid. It's FREE MONEY! (May need to be paid back if student withdraws from school before finishing an enrollment period.)
For more information on available grants and applying for grants visit

  • Usually merit-based.
  • Provided by many different organizations: colleges, private and nonprofit organizations, communities, religious groups, social organizations.
  • Do not need to be repaid. It's FREE MONEY! (Students may lose a scholarship they fall below a certain GPA or if they fall below full time status.)
There are millions of dollars of scholarship funds available, however, it takes effort and search and apply for scholarships. For more information on available scholarships and applying for scholarships, search through the websites listed below and visit 


Search through our College Scholarship Database for financial aid opportunities. 

FastWeb is the premier online resource for paying and preparing for college. FastWeb members are matched to relevant scholarship opportunities completely free of charge. is the largest scholarship database on the web. 

Scholarship America is the nation's largest non-profit, private-sector scholarship and educational support organization.

Scholarships4Students serves as a research tool to show available scholarships to pre-college and college students. is a scholarship and college search for students of all ages.

                                                                        Students can receive FREE HELP filling out the FAFSA by attending MICHIGAN COLLEGE GOAL SUNDAY. For more information visit,

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